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Colour Change Colouring Set - Garden Friends

Playful kittens, chubby chooks and buzzing bees frolic in this Colour Change Colouring Set, perfect for little creatives keen to bring their garden friends to life in vivid hues.

This is a colouring set with a difference - its unique Magic Markers allow a kaleidoscope of colours to be explored as kids colour with one marker, and create exciting results (and a whole new colour!) using the special, magical marker over the top. Colouring is a great activity for kids to help improve focus and concentration, and promotes a sense of acheivement once complete.

This thoughtfully packaged, premium activity sets are designed for mess-free creative play, keeping little ones engaged and relaxed while travelling on flights, in cars, at cafes or at home.

Colour Change colouring set featuring Garden Friends
Unplugged, screen-free creative play
Includes 36 illustrated colouring pages, 6x coloured markers, 1x magical colour changing marker
All packaged neatly in sturdy, magnetic-sealed storage box (14cm x 21cm)
Great for gifting

Ideal for ages 5-8
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