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Crystal Infused Soy Candle - Clear Quartz - Coconut & Lime - NEW

Create magic with Summer Salt Body's Clear Quartz infused soy candle. Refreshingly scented with fresh Coconut & Lime.

Clear Quartz will bring clarity, transformation and healing vibrations to your space whilst the tropical aroma of Coconut & Lime will create a sense of wanderlust and will instantly transport you to a state of bliss.

Swimming with the whales illustration reminds us of the magic world underneath the sea.

- Provides bliss for 45+ hours. -

Created with naturally biodegradable and Eco-friendly pure soy wax and a cotton wick. Infused with natural plant essence and essential oils.

Each candle contains 2 Clear Quartz Gemstones.

Reuse + Recycle
Once your candle has been used, we encourage you to clean and keep your gemstones. Re-use the candle jar as a little pot plant, to keep jewellery in or a special place to keep your crystals.

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