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Lavender & Chamomile Baby Bottom Cream 125ml

What’s cute and round and softer than a baby’s bottom? A baby’s bottom protected with Lavender & Chamomile Baby Bottom Cream, of course! Every bubba is delightfully different and just like us, sometimes delicate skin needs an added boost of love – especially that cute little toosh. This beautiful moisturising cream has been created to keep little bottoms protected, it’s not a medicated cream for the purpose of helping nappy rash but rather a nourishing cream to assist in preventing it.

This rich, creamy formulation boasts nature’s super-nourishing combo of shea butter, calendula, Aloe vera & olive fruit oil to calm the skin and lock in moisture. Bubba Organics' Baby Bottom Cream creates the ideal barrier against irritants and the pure, silky consistency makes it so easy to apply.

SKIN-LOVING TIP: The creamy but never greasy formula makes this Baby Bottom Cream a soothing and moisturising dry hand solution for mums and dads doing endless nappy changes, too! Pop the 75g tube in your handbag for on-the-go care.

125ml with easy-to-use pump dispenser. Perfect for on the change table when you only have one hand free.
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