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Mask Applicator Brush

Be your own facialist with this soft, curved, vegan mask applicator brush for simple, mess free masking.
Soft bristles are gentle on all skin types for the application of esmi Booster Masks.
Why People Love Mask Applicator Brush:
- Highest quality synthetic vegan bristles
- Dual layered
- Soft for all skin types
- Curved for quick, mess free application
- Less product used
This vegan Mask Applicator Brush with super soft curved bristles makes it easy to distribute an even, thin layer of product onto your skin - you’ll use less too.
How to use:
Ideal to use with esmi Booster Mask, simply dip the brush into the mask and apply to your skin as required. Great to use for multi-masking too.
Clean brushes are crucial for healthy skin! Your esmi Mask Applicator Brush can be cleaned with most brush cleaners, soaps, and shampoos. It’s important not to fully submerge your brush and minimise water flowing into the base to avoid breakage.
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