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Stainless Steel Flask - Moroccan Tealeidoscope Black

What happens when two icons collide? Teatime goes up a notch. Our famous Stainless Steel Flask unites with the quintessentially T2 Moroccan Tealeidoscope print. So iconic it’s almost too good to be true, this limited-edition flask features all the tricks you’ve come to love – double walled, leakproof and thermal qualities to boot.

1. Remove the lid and unscrew the infuser from the insert.
2. Add 1 heaped teaspoon of tea to the infuser and re-attach the infuser to the insert.
3. Fill flask with water at the correct temperature (refer to tea packaging) until 2cm/1 inch from the top.
4. Slowly lower the infuser into the water.
5. Infuse for the tea’s recommended time then carefully remove the infuser.

Infuser may be hot, please handle with care.

Dimensions: 6.7cm x 23.4cm x 6.7cm

Material & care
Body: stainless steel with thermal insulation. Infuser: stainless steel basket with silicone filter. Lid & lip: 100% PP. Gasket & anti-leaking ring: silicone. Hand wash only. Not suitable for microwave or dishwasher. Avoid dropping your flask, and handle with caution and care to prevent damaging the internal vacuum seal.

500ml with Infuser
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