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Aurora Mini Candle - Le Tart - Vanilla Bourbon, Freshly Whipped Cream + French Sugar


Experience the sweet symphony of Le Tart Vanilla Bourbon, freshly whipped cream, and French sugar Mini Aurora limited edition candle. Capturing the essence of a cozy bakery and creating a sweet sanctuary of indulgence in every flicker of its flame.

Sweet vanilla and buttercream frosting fills the air, evoking memories of indulgent treats.
At the heart of the fragrance is the beauty of Madagascar vanilla and the aromatic richness of maple, creating a comforting ambiance reminiscent of holiday baking.
Complete by the warm embrace of rich brown sugar and freshly baked dough.

Inspired by astrology and the magic of the sky, Mrs Darcy's Aurora Candle Collection are stars set to dazzle the home like no other. This Mini Aurora Celebrate reminds us that sometimes, it's the smallest things that hold the most special charm.


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