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Biodegradable Toothbrush - Unicorn

Make brushing fun with this adorable and biodegradable toothbrush. Suitable to use from the appearance of the first tooth and an easy-grip handle for the "I do it!" stage. Available in various different designs to make brushing fun because, well, it has to happen anyway.

Disposable plastics are wreaking havoc on the environment, especially in our oceans and water ways. Jack N' Jill pioneered the use of corn starch in their toothbrush handles. Corn starch is a plant derived material which is compostable and will break down in soil over time. They doubled down on their commitment to the environment and designed a completely plastic free and biodegradable package, including the transparent "blister".

The brush handles are smooth and feel just like traditional toothbrushes.

Jack 'N' Jill certified organic toothpaste also available.

• Extra soft nylon bristles
• Biodegradable handle made from corn starch
• Comfy for small hands
• BPA & PVC free
• Suitable from the first tooth
• Packaged on recycled paperboard

Dimension: Approx 14cm long

Biodegradable, Vegan, GMO-free - even the packaging is biodegradable and made from corn - recyclable PBT bristles & eco-friendly!
BPA & PVC Free.

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