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MontiiCo Mega Bumper (Fits Oasis 780ml bottles)

$3.00 $8.95
NOTE: These are the old design and DO NOT fit the new Fusion Montii 1L bottles. They do fit the 780ml Oasis bottles 
Drink up and touch down with a soft landing. This silicone bumper gives your Montii Bottle a strong edge. Fits Montii Mega Bottles.

Slip a Bumper on your Montii Bottle base for a soft landing on hard surfaces. The durable silicone material gives Montii bottle's extra protection against drops, rubs and scuffs. Keeping your Montii Bottle as rad as the day you bought it.

Bumper 5cm high x 8.5cm diameter

Fits Mega MontiiCo Drink Bottles

Food grade silicone
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