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Original Sipper Lid + Straw 2.0 (Fits Mini & Original Bottles)


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Montii's Sipper Lid has had a shiny new upgrade! 2.0 has a new, larger mouth piece for faster flow, and a soft bite finish for extra comfort.

They also updated the handle to match the Free Pour Lid and Sports Lid 2.0 - for easier carrying!

Now comes with straw included for easy sipping - no need to tip your bottle up!

Remember, all of their bottle lids can be used interchangeably. How handy is that?!

The lids are leak-proof when closed, but don't leave them open or the water will flow!

Just a little FYI:
This straw length is designed to fit their most popular guy - the Original Bottle. You can still use the straw on a Mini bottle, just give him a little trim with a sharp pair of scissors!
If you have a Mega bottle, we recommend you purchase the Sipper Lid + Straw 2.0 (Mega).
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